Interesting Cases

A Case of Brain Tumor - Pitutary Tumor

A male pt 20 yr old had come with complaints of diminission of vision both eyes and headache since 1and ½ yrs . He had exacerbation of symptoms since last one week .

O/E conscious co-operative
Pupils both reacting to light
Visual field laterally restricted
Perimetry showed bilateral loss of field (bitemporal hemianopia)
Fundus showed disc pallor both lateral side
Other cranial nerves normal
Vitals normal

MRI showed sellor and suprasellar tumour with central necrosis , tumour causes pressure on optic chiasma .

Pitutory hormone profile reveled increased prolactine level increased growth hormone and other hormones within normal limits.

He was operated for transnasal trans septal trans sphenoidal removal of pitutory tumour .

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